Trainee Division

Madison Ballet's Trainee Division offers a rigorous program focused on developing each dancer in preparation for a career as a professional dancer.

Placement in this division is based on technical and physical aptitude for classical ballet and the dancer’s commitment to added hours of training.



Benefits of the Trainee Division include:

  • Eleven 90+ minute technique classes, two 75 minute pointe classes, one Variations, one Jazz, and one Adagio class each week.

  • A customized schedule of classes that may incorporate early dismissal from academic studies.

  • Opportunities to support Madison Ballet's professional company onstage.
  • Free classes in Madison Ballet's Open Division (subject to availability).
  • Free Master Classes by professionals in a variety of dance disciplines including: Ballet, Contemporary, African, Spanish classical, flamenco, Capoeira, hip-hop, jazz and musical theater.
  • Personal mentoring from the School Director.
  • Tickets to Madison Ballet performances.
  • Ballet classes accompanied by a professional pianist.
  • Seminars on nutrition, auditions, and preparation for performance. 

Participation in the Trainee Division is by invitation only through an audition process for students who are ready to move beyond Level 5.

Students in this division train daily to master advanced technical skills, consistency, musicality, articulation and natural expression within the technical parameters of the art form. Through this commitment, a foundation is laid on which to build a professional career. Trainee Division students are required to attend all scheduled classes for their level.



Students follow a progressive curriculum designed to increase their technical skills, stamina, and discipline in line with their age and physical development.

All ballet classes in the School Division include live piano accompaniment — a crucial element in developing the student’s understanding of the relationship between music and movement.

Unique opportunities like Madison's only Boys/Mens Class and our Educational Track allow flexibility for dancers with varying schedules and levels of interest.