bartell theater
oct 20-21

Madison Ballet’s Push takes ballet to the edge of the art form, pairing the drama and precision of ballet with contemporary choreography and music. Push shines the spotlight on the athleticism and allure of each dancer with an evening of shorter classical and current works. Think you know ballet? Push your own boundaries and you’ll be seduced and surprised by Madison Ballet’s Push.

bartell theater
Feb 2-3

Underneath the ethereal dancer lies an indomitable spirit driven by grit, wisdom, tenacity, and fearlessness. Madison Ballet’s She celebrates the work of female choreographers and the many faces of women in classical and contemporary ballet. She is an evening of shorter works that challenges us to redefine what is male and what is female.

Capital Theater
Mar 30-31

Close the season in grand style at the historic Capitol Theater, the company’s original Madison home. The evening will feature the work of some of the country’s most sought-after choreographers and a mixed bill of ballets that offers something for everyone. Madison Ballet’s Rise takes dance to a new level as classical and contemporary styles blend seamlessly, creating a performance that is fresh and unexpected.