The School Division offers five levels with a curriculum that emphasizes a strong classical technique and movement that expresses a sense of energy, freedom, and joy.

  • Ages 7 & Up

  • Placement is determined by audition

  • Includes Levels 1-5, Boys/Mens Class, and Jazz/Contemporary classes

  • Well-coordinated, progressive curriculum focusing on formal ballet instruction

  • Students progress through the levels at their own pace

  • All classes feature live piano accompaniment

  • Classes run for four full quarters



Students follow a progressive curriculum designed to increase their technical skills, stamina, and discipline in line with their age and physical development.

All ballet classes in the School Division include live piano accompaniment — a crucial element in developing the student’s understanding of the relationship between music and movement.

Unique options like Madison's first Boys/Mens Class and our Educational Track allow flexibility for dancers with varying schedules and levels of interest.



Levels 1 - 5

Ages 7 & above by audition and placement.

Level 1 begins formal ballet training with an emphasis on barre work. The subsequent levels progressively build on the study of technique, with specific areas of concentration at each step. In Level 3, focus on center floor work is increased, and girls begin pre-pointe and pointe exercises. In Level 5 dancers begin the study of classical variations and partnering, while girls continue to develop their pointe work and boys continue with male specific technique. Students in these divisions attend between one and sixteen classes per week, depending on the level.

Pas De deux

Ages 13 & Up

Pas de Deux is an essential class in becoming a professional dancer, male or female.  Dancers learn partnering skills, including pirouettes, lifts, balances, and promenades.  This class is performed on pointe for the female dancers and is offered to level 4 and up. A drop-in option is available for gentlemen outside of the School of Madison Ballet looking to build upper body strength or work on partnering skills in all dance genres.


Ages 9+ & Level 3 and higher

This intermediate to advanced level class is based on the exploration of technique, style and presentation. Students will work through the musicality of gesture-infused movement and perfect intermediate/advanced level jazz technique. Dancers will be encouraged to push the envelope while working on strength training, active stretching, and choreography. This class is meant to be fun, exciting and held in a healthy, non-competitive atmosphere.

Boys/Mens Class 

Ages 9 & Up

The only class of its kind in Madison. This ballet class specifically for young men is offered to develop male dance skills and help build self-esteem. Young male dancers are introduced to the basic skills required to execute male-based ballet movements. Classes meet once per week and are taught by Guest Artist, Jacob Ashley. Boys class is offered on a quarter basis (approximately 9 weeks).


Circular Midsummer Lily.png

Trainee Division

By audition/invitation only.

The Trainee Division offers a rigorous training program for students who aspire to be professional dancers.

Students in this division train daily to master advanced technical skills, consistency, musicality, articulation and natural expression within the technical parameters of the art form. Through this commitment, a foundation is laid on which to build a successful career.