feb 3-4, 2017

Madison Ballet really has arrived.
— Susan Kepecs / Cultural Oyster

bartell theater
feb 3-4, 2017

Madison Ballet's midwinter performance features the work of up and coming choreographers who are setting the stage for the next generation of dance. Always challenging, and never conventional, Bare is dance at its most pure, sensual, and intimate.

The 200-seat Drury Stage at the Bartell Theatre is just the setting for showcasing shorter works that will please dance fans and new audiences alike.


Palladio Pas de Deux│W. Earle Smith
Re-Place│Jin-Wen Yu
Somewhere Between Grit & Grace│Jacqueline Stewart
Limelight│Shea Johnson
Groovy│W. Earle Smith

Performance Dates

Fri, Feb 3, 8pm
Sat, Feb 4,2pm
Sat, Feb 4, 8pm

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