oct 14-15, 2016

Madison Ballet really has arrived.
— Susan Kepecs / Cultural Oyster

bartell theater
oct 14-15

Madison Ballet opens its season with a program of contrasts: soft curves and angular shapes, classical music and hip-hop, avant garde choreography and neoclassical ballet. Black/White includes an excerpt from George Balanchine's iconic black and white ballet, The Four Temperaments, as well as W. Earle Smith's Street, a sexy ode to urban dance set to the rhythmic music of the strings duo Black Violin.

Madison Ballet’s repertory programs present ballet in its purest form—athletic, sensual, and intimate. The 200-seat Drury Stage at the Bartell Theatre is just the setting for showcasing shorter works by both established and up-and-coming choreographers.

Program Highlights

The Four Temperaments (excerpt)│Balanchine
Street│W. Earle Smith
Sonata No. 1│W. Earle Smith
3 + 2 │ General MacArthur Hambrick

Performance Dates:

Fri, Oct 14, 8pm
Sat, Oct 15,2pm
Sat, Oct 15, 8pm

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