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*All master classes are free to SMB students enrolled in the School Division.

Join us for a Master Class in Lindy Hop with Ian Hathway, February 9th.

Ian Hathway began to dance living in the countryside in Brazil, and hasn't stopped since. He has trained and taught a wide variety of partnered and solo dances, beginning with assisting the ballroom classes at his university. As the years have gone on, his study has focused more tightly on Lindy Hop, Blues idiom dances, and Authentic Jazz. He loves the pure connection we can achieve in partnered dancing, and the musicality and expression found in these free-flowing and improvisational forms. He has performed in the St. Olaf College Ballroom Performance Group in his early days, and more recently with the Down & Outs in London. 

Open to all ages 9 - 99.
Regular Fee: $25*
Professional Fee: $15