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Madison Ballet’s Seminar Series is a program geared toward informing our students and parents about all aspects of the ballet world. We strive to help our students and parents navigate the world of ballet by giving some insight into the knowledge that has helped us as professional dancers. This is a FREE series provided to the students of SMB.

Seminar Series: Rehearsal Experience

Saturday, April 6, our SMB students have been invited to watch company rehearsal, followed by a Q&A session with one of the choreographers from our upcoming show, Emerging Voices.

Be sure to bring a notebook so you can remember all the questions you would like to ask afterwards!

Performances like Emerging Voices are considered a "mixed repertory" program, which means they feature several shorter works grouped together.. Rehearsals for a performance of this kind can be very different from rehearsals for a full-length ballet like The Nutcracker. Don't miss this exciting opportunity!