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All master classes are free to SMB students enrolled in the School Division.
The minimum age requirement is 13 years old.
Regular Fee: $25 / Professional Rate: $15

Maya Kadakia - African

Maya Kadakia is a professional dancer and teacher who possesses an understanding of the cultural traditions of West African dance, an acute sense of rhythm, an engaging and patient teaching persona, and a passionate, creative ability to express herself through movement.  She is multi-skilled in various West African traditions and is able to translate those skills into performances and educational experiences well-suited to Western audiences which express the amazing tradition, culture and history of West Africa. 

A veteran middle school teacher, she also teaches through the University of Wisconsin-Madison Dance Department in addition to teaching drop-in dance and dundun dance classes.

Maya continues to study, teach, and perform as much as possible. Her most important study has taken place in Guinea and Mali on her multiple trips. Maya is honored to have studied with Mariama Camara, Allhasane Papin Camara, Viex Djara, Djenab Kaba, and Ansu Kaba. She takes classes with the masters residing in the United States, Djeneba Sako, Youssouf Koumbassa, and Moustapha Bangoura, when able. 

Currently, she is the dance director of Limanya Drum and Dance Ensemble, a Madison-based African Drum and Dance group, and Kikeh Mato, an Afro-pop group, both under the direction of Mandjou Mara.