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Recreational Track

Recreational Track

The Recreational Track is the perfect jumping point for students just beginning in dance.

SMB Track

SMB Track

The SMB track offers a rigorous program that provides students a comprehensive foundation in classical dance.

PLUS Track

PLUS Track

Established for students who are pursuing a career in ballet, PLUS stands for Professional Learning Unconventional Schedule.

Youth Drop-In Classes

Ages 7-16
Class duration varies.

Busy summer schedule? No problem! The Summer Student Drop-In Division is a pilot program for school-age students 7 and up allowing flexibility in scheduling while maintaining the level of excellence that is the hallmark of the School of Madison Ballet.

Levels 1 - 5

Levels 1-5 begin formal ballet training with an emphasis on barre work and progressively builds on the study of technique, with specific areas of concentration at each step.

Boys/Mens Class

The only class of its kind in Madison. This ballet class specifically for young men is offered to develop male dance skills and help build self-esteem. 

Pre-Professional Division

The Pre-Professional Division offers a rigorous training program for students who aspire to be professional dancers.

Jazz/ Contemporary

This intermediate to advanced level class is based on the exploration of technique, style and presentation.