The Pre-Professional Division offers a rigorous training program for students who aspire to be professional dancers. Participation in the Pre-Professional Division is by invitation only through an audition process for students who are ready to move beyond Level 5.

Placement in this division is based on technical and physical aptitude for classical ballet and the dancer’s commitment to added hours of training.

Students in this division train daily to master advanced technical skills, consistency, musicality, articulation and natural expression within the strict parameters of the art form. Through this commitment, a foundation is laid on which to build a professional career. Pre-Professional Division students attend a minimum of nine classes per week and are required to attend all scheduled classes for their level.

Dancers are encouraged to take additional Open Division classes beyond the weekly requirement, for no additional cost (subject to availability). Each week, Level 6 students will attend four 90 minute technique classes, two 90 minute pointe classes, and one Variations/Adagio class. Besides the classes listed, other classes in this division may include Jazz and Master Classes throughout the year. A customized schedule of additional classes will be arranged that may incorporate early dismissal from academic studies. All ballet classes include accompaniment by a professional pianist.