The ultimate expression of generosity is not in giving of what you have, but in giving of who you are.
— Johnnetta B. Cole

Backstage Volunteer

Nutcracker 2016

Volunteerism is an incredible gift of one’s self, and without this gift to our organization, we would not enjoy the success we see in the events we implement. This camaraderie between our staff and volunteers is what makes Madison Ballet strong. Each year, hundreds of volunteers help Madison Ballet bring our performances to the Madison community. Volunteers experience the ultimate behind-the-scenes peek at a professional ballet production, offering a new perspective for patrons of the arts. Want to help?

Here is a taste of the types of volunteer duties we have available:

Costume Shop

Volunteers in this area can help sew/alter costumes during our weekend rehearsals and are also needed in our Costume Shop at the theater. Those who work the final performance will want to plan on staying for up to 2 hours after the show is over to help with packing up the travel boxes. The more people who volunteer, the faster this will happen!

Quick Change/Guest Artist Dresser

These crucial roles ensure our dancers arrive at their place on stage dressed and ready to perform. Those who work quick change should be able to work both the technical and dress rehearsals to ensure consistency in duties through the run of the show. You will take instructions from the Costumer and Hair and Make-up Supervisors.

Baby Mouse Room

We will need baby mouse leaders to work both the tech and dress rehearsal to be the "go to" people for the run of the show. This is a very important volunteer role and we need dependable leaders to make things run smoothly. We need at least one leader per show that has been through the tech and dress rehearsals.

Note for all volunteers: Children in the cast must be supervised at all times. You are not able to leave until each child is picked up by their parent or guardian. This will happen by a process where parents check in with the hall monitor and then a volunteer or monitor liaison will escort the child from the dressing room to the backstage monitor area. Please plan ahead to remain at your shift until all children have been reunited with their parent or guardian. Your duty is not over when the show has ended. ALL volunteers are called 2 hours prior to any performance.