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You play an important role in what we do. Ticket sales fund less than 50% of Madison Ballet's budget each season. We rely on donors like you to help us continue to bring breathtaking performances and inspiring outreach to our community. 

How can your gift help?

  • $25 pays for a Head Start student to participate in our 7-week Movement in Your World program.

  • $75 buys a pair of pointe shoes for one company dancer.

  • $300 provides financial aid to a student or cast member who could not otherwise participate.

  • $1000 pays for live piano accompaniment for a School of Madison Ballet class for an entire year.

Click here to view our 2013-2014 Reverence Annual Report.


These are just a few words used to describe Madison Ballet, Wisconsin’s second largest dance organization. From innovative performances like Dracula, a rock ballet, to outreach programs that inspire the next generation of bright young artists, Madison Ballet has become one of the most highly regarded arts institutions in the state.

Touching the lives of over 30,000 annually, your support of Madison Ballet connects you to others who share the value of the unforgettable experiences the arts can provide. 

Contact Gretchen Bourg, General Manager at 608.210.1672 or to learn more about the benefits of becoming a donor.