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Nutcracker Auditions
September 14, 2014

Nutcracker AuditionsFor nearly forty years, Madison Ballet has been committed to promoting appreciation for and access to ballet by providing training and performing opportunities through professionally produced productions and educational initiatives. By participating in the cast of a Madison Ballet production, cast members will come away with increased levels of appreciation and interest in the art of ballet and will have memories to last a lifetime.

Benefits to Cast Members

There are many skills that will be learned or enhanced as a result of participating in the cast. While much of the focus is on the dance skills, there are equally valuable lessons inherent in the art form that will prove useful far beyond any ballet production or the arts as a whole. Some of these will be emphasized while others are a natural extension of the discipline of ballet. Examples of the benefits include:

  • Work ethic, self-discipline, self-motivation
  • Memory skills – both mental and muscle
  • Fitness and well-being – both physical and mental
  • Teamwork, communication, people skills
  • Understanding and applying high standards of excellence