Behind the Curtains

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To have the opportunity to bring 8- and 9-year-old third grade students to a full production of the famous story ballet at affordable prices is a Wisconsin treasure... After their experience at the ballet, they are excited to go again.
— Elementary School Teacher

Behind the Curtains is much more than a field trip, it is an unforgettable educational opportunity for students of all ages.

In this special full-length performance of The Nutcracker, K-12 students are transported "Behind the Curtains" to experience the sweeping music, elaborate sets, magnificent costumes, and timeless story that make The Nutcracker the world's most popular ballet.  

The magic of the theater unfolds for students with a cast of over 200 dancers, live music from the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra, and commentary by Madison Ballet's Artistic Director, W. Earle Smith. A study guide prepares students for their visit and deepens their understanding of the art of ballet. 

Be a part of the magic! 

Public, private and home schools are welcome—groups as few as 10 can take advantage of this unique opportunity.